The True Story of Our Jihad:
Memoirs of Commander Anvar Amin

Anvar Amin was crucial in organizing the first sustained resistance against the communist takeover of Afghânistân. When the communists seized the government in 1978, he was serving as Sub-District Administrator (alâqadâr) at Narang in southern Kunar Province. After being jailed and subsequently released, he vowed to combat the communist regime. His long experience as both an administrative civil servant and a guerrilla leader of his people in local tribal disputes prepared him well for his task, and his dedication propelled him to the leadership of the first guerrilla movement to free its region from communist control.

While I was in Pakistan on a Fulbright Fellowship in 1992, I began tape-recording Anvar's recollections of the events that led him to become the commander-in-chief of the guerrilla forces in Kunar Province. Our work was interrupted when Anvar was compelled to leave for Kabul following the fall of the communist government. I was only able to see him one more time for a brief period before leaving Pakistan, and we agreed to continue our collaboration on his memoirs whenever I returned.

Most tragically for all of us who loved and respected him, Anvar Amin was murdered in his sleep one night in August, 1996, by unknown assassins. His unflinching duty towards his people and his pivotal role in sparking the downfall of communism should not go unsung, and to that end I present here the interviews that he gave in 1992.


  1. First Uprisings
  2. Incarceration
  3. Resolve
  4. First Encounter
  5. The Enemy Breaks Through
  1. Allies and Schisms
  2. Intrigue in Pâkistân
  3. A False Peace
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  5. [pending translation]

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