The mum'o

Mumgʹul, land of the Mumʹo

Native Name: mumʹo.

Other Names: manḍagali (from the Pashto name for mumʹořm, originally from the name of the village of mâṇgʹül), "Bashgali" (from Khowar bašgali 'Nuristani; person from bašgal [the lanḍai sin Valley]').

Location: the middle lânḍâi sʹin basin of eastern Nuristân. The native name of the country is mumgʹul.

Population: perhaps 1,500.


Language Name: mumvʹiri. Non-indigenous names include "Bashgali" (from Khowar) and "Kati" (Morgenstierne 1926).

Linguistic Position of Mumvʹiri: Mumvʹiri is a dialect of Kâmkʹata-vari, which forms with Vâsʹi-vari the Northern Group of Nuristâni languages (see the Table of Languages). Mumvʹiri appears to be in basis kâtʹa-vari with an overlay of kâmvʹiri phonetic features, plus some independent developments.